Get to know Goodlife gym with answers to our most frequently asked questions.

I need help! I have never been to a gym before?

Have a chat with one of our friendly gym trainers, they can advise you on suitable classes and book an assessment for you.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the gym/classes?

Please bring a towel and water. Enclosed shoes must be worn in the gym. All equipment is provided.

What are the gym hours?

Monday - Thursday 5.30am - 8.00pm

Friday 5.30am - 7.00pm

Saturday 7.00am - 12.00pm

Sunday CLOSED.

What is an assessment?

During an assessment our trainers will assess your current level of fitness (including injuries that may impact your ability) and discuss what your goals are. They will develop a personalised program for you and show you the correct technique when using equipment.

How do I get an assessment and/or gym program?

Assessments are included in our six and twelve month memberships, however if you are on a one month membership you are welcome to book an appointment with a trainer for a personal training session and they can personalise a program for you.

Do you have lockers in the gym?

We have open pigeon holes, it is best to keep valuables at home.

Does my gym membership include Aqua classes?


Am I able to extend or cancel my membership?

12-month memberships may be extended for medical reasons at no charge for a maximum of six months during the current membership.

Outside of medical reasons, 12-month memberships may be extended up to a total of three months, and 6-month memberships may be extended up to a total of one month each with an administration fee of $25.

Memberships may be cancelled with a $25 cancellation fee.

What is a class pass?

A class pass is a pass that you hand to a trainer at the start of your class, so they know you have a membership that covers classes or alternatively you have paid for a casual visit.

Does my one month membership have a senior or student discount?

No, the 10% discount is only available on our six and twelve month memberships.

Are any of the classes capped?

Yes, please refer to the timetable.

Where are the classes held?

The majority of classes are held upstairs in the function room, Spin, TRX, Barre and some Circuit classes are held in the gym and a few are in the stadium. Our timetable states the rooms they are in.

Do I need to book in for any classes?

Yes, the only class you are able to book in for, Barre class requires you to sign up in 6-week blocks.


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