We develop best as people when we pay attention to our whole person and attend to our physical health, our mental health, our emotional wellbeing and also our spiritual development and fulfilment.

When we are deliberate about caring for and loving one another as much as we care for ourselves, we create a community in which people are safe and welcomed.

Well developed individuals create strong homes which in turn create strong communities which in turn lead to a better nation and ultimately a better world.

We believe we each have a part to play in this whole process.


We believe that we can create places where people find their inherent, created worth and purpose and share life with one another.

We believe that each one of us can be a bearer of hope and an agent of transformation for the good of those around us. 

We hold onto a simple faith. We keep a strong focus. We continue forward with a clear vision.

simple faith

We believe the BIG story.

As recorded in the Bible in the book of Genesis (which means ‘beginnings’), God created the world and very intentionally created life. Therefore we believe that if God created life, life has value and purpose.

God created life – therefore life has purpose. 

The Bible later records the words of Jesus Christ telling people that God loves people and that he had come to let people know. Therefore we believe that if God sent Jesus to let people know they are loved, love has expression.

God loves people – therefore love has expression.

Another simple principle taught in the Bible is that we should actively love people as God does and be involved in each others lives for good. Therefore we build community. We express love and care by building into people’s lives in all areas; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

We should love people and do good – therefore we build community.



Believing that people matter we intentionally offer hope, health, and wholeness to people in community, both locally and globally.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.