With our state of the art facilities and qualified coaches, Goodlife is the perfect place to challenge and nurture your child's potential.


Active 7/Mini Squad: 45 minutes

This is a transition phase from learn to swim into squad. It gives children an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of being a swimmer. They will learn the basic components that will be developed in latter squads, such as working with the pace clock and tumble turns. By completion of this level, swimmers will demonstrate a strong ability in all four strokes over 25 meters with correct starts and finishes. Swimmers will be able to complete 20x25 meters freestyle on the 40-second cycle holding correct technique.

Junior Squad: 1 hour 

Swimmers are now building on their knowledge and capabilities, utlising efficient technique through the water in all four strokes. They are developing their skills (starts, turns and finishes) in all four strokes and individual medley. By completion of this level, swimmers will demonstrate a strong ability in all four strokes over 50 meters with correct starts, turns and finishes. Swimmers will be able to complete 20x50 meters freestyle on the 1-minute cycle holding correct technique. Ideal for those wishing to compete at local and regional level.

Intermediate Squad: 1.5 hours

Swimmers are now efficient with their swimming technique and are learning to hold that efficiency throughout the duration of their session. They will learn pacing strategies which will enable them to handle harder and longer sets. They will be strong in all elements of swimming and upon moving up will be working on maturing skills, attitudes and goal setting. 

Senior Squad: 1.5-2 hours

Must be 11 years or older. These swimmers are now athletes who complete regular goal setting sessions with their coach to determine what they want to achieve from their swimming sessions. 

The squad will be made up of state and national competitive swimmers seeking to achieve qualifying times at swim carnivals, as well as open water swimmers, surf athletes and triathletes who want to become fitter, stronger and more efficient at freestyle to achieve their competitive goals. There will also be non-competitive swimmers who are just wanting to stay fit or who are desiring a higher level of fitness.


term 4 squad timetable

Squad Term 4 Timetable - A4.jp4

Click the button below to print the squad timetable for Term 4 which begins on Tuesday, 8 October 2019.


Fees are paid on a term basis at the begining of each term.  As the number of weeks in a school term change so the pricing will change.  Detailed below is cost per 10 week term:

$150 per term based on $15 per session
$200 per term based on $10 per session
$250 per term based on $8.33 per session

$130 per month, fees must be paid at the start of the month.

1 session per week
2 sessions per week
3 sessions per week

Unlimited monthly pass

goodlife community swimming club

The Goodlife Community Swim Club (GCSC) is a not-for-profit swimming club with the purpose of providing a safe and fun environment for swimmers to compete at a Club, Local, Regional, State and National level.

Our goal is to develop a club that has great values, lots of fun and also achieves results in the pool. We welcome a broad spectrum of swimmers across all ages and abilities; from elite athletes, to swimmers competing for fun and exercise, to those with disabilities. Contact the swim school for further information.

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michael gibson - squad coach

Michael was a competitive swimmer from the age of six, competing up to a state level. He has been coaching for ten years now, and is passionate about creating a pathway that provides all his swimmers with opportunities to reach their individual potential. He started as a junior and assistant coach at Nanango before moving to the Sunshine Coast in 2010. He became a Bronze licensed coach in 2011 and since that time has coached swimmers of all ages and abilities, right up to national level athletes. He also holds a Coaching of Swimmers with Disabilities licence, and has taken swimmers to national competitions.

"At Goodlife, I wish to build a club with a great atmosphere, inclusive of swimmers of all ages and abilities. My goal is to get my Silver coaching licence, taking a bunch of age group swimmers to nationals."


marcus bazzica- squad coach and learn to swim instructor

Marcus is a long time staff member at Goodlife who coaches active 7/mini and junior squads.  Marcus holds a dual qualification as personal trainer and swim coach.  He is a fantastic motivator who loves to see his kids having fun while getting a good work out.  

email updates

If you would like to sign up to receive the swim school information update emails please fill out your details below and add "email update" to the subject.

school holidays

Squads run through the holidays with an adjusted timetable.  Sessions are included for unlimited monthly pass holders.  All other squad swimmers are welcome to join in too, payment is on a casual, pay as you go basis.  Squad swimmers are encouraged to communicate with their coach on their individual requirements.

public swimming and adult squads

If you are looking for further information regarding public swimming or adult squads please go to our POOLS page.


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